Donate to the ASDA

The average cost to train a service dog which meets ASDA standards is around $15,000. This number reflects not only thousands of hours worth of training, but also necessities like: food, shelter, toys, grooming, medical expenses, and more. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to training these incredible service animals.

What Does My Donation Cover?

  • $180: Covers a single service dog’s annual flea, tick, and heart worm preventatives.
  • $250: Pays for the housing, bedding, leashes, vests, treats and toys for a service dog.
  • $350: Cost of a single service dog’s annual vaccinations and medical expenses.
  • $500: The annual supply of food for one service dog.
  • $1,000: Annual grooming cost for one hypoallergenic service dog.
  • $1,500: Covers the cost of professional, hands-on training around the clock for one month.
  • $15,000: The entire fundraising goal to train one service dog.

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