About ASDA

ASDA is a non-profit organization of professional dog trainers, dedicated to the training and placement of service dogs for people with disabilities such as spinal cord injuries, arthritis, deafness, multiple sclerosis and many other physical impairments, autism as well as PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder).

Our Care

All of our service dogs are raised and trained by our highly qualified professionals. These dogs are housed with their trainers until they are placed with their recipients.

Creating Awareness

There is a tremendous demand for trained service dogs. In addition, there is a lack of public awareness regarding the needs of people living with disabilities, the value of service dogs and service dog etiquette. ASDA addresses this community needs through educational programs and presentations.


We do not receive government funding. All of our funds come from donors and volunteers.

ASDA is recognized as a non-profit, public charity under IRS code 501(c)(3). All donations are tax deductible.